Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where milk rings go to die

Last night I was on the hunt for some little toy mice that we had given to our cats. I was looking under all the furniture, ya know...where all the toys end up after being played with. Well we have this old bar/hutch/server (not sure what it's called) thing in our house. It's on wheels so it's lifted up off the floor a little.

I pulled that thing away from the wall and holy crap! So that's where all the milk rings went!

There's 35 milk rings in that picture, and while they weren't ALL under the bar/server/hutch half of them were, with the other half being strewn about the house. Pretty impressive huh? Oh and the little toy mice were under there too.

Before I went on my hunt for toy mice and milk rings, we attended the Red Wings game. I'm glad it was a good game and that we won, because we had to go out in the crappy weather to get there. What normally takes us about 30 minutes to get to, took us an hour. Not too bad though considering it was still snowing and the roads hadn't been plowed yet.


Rachel Agusti said...

Ha that's pretty funny about the milk rings!! Looks like you had pretty decent seats at the game too!

Julie said...

One of my cats LOVES milk rings but the other couldn't care less. That reminds me that I should probably go find all of our random milk rings and toys hidden under furniture.

Rachel L said...

funny, yeah our kitties like to hide all their toys too- we didnt find milk rings but we found about 13 decapetated mice under the couch downstairs lol!

SarahSue said...

I'm waiting for someone to make a piece of trim to go around the bottom of the refridgerator that will stop milk rings and toy mice but still allow proper air flow. Apparently, my fridge is the milk ring hockey goal for both sides.