Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A wedding & A weekend

So I decided to take last Friday off of work. I had a wedding to go to later in the day, so it seemed like a good enough reason to take the entire day off :o) I'm glad I did because I found out that my good friend Michelle was going to be in town for a wedding she was in so I was able to have lunch with her. She lives in Delaware...I wish she could move back to Michigan!

So like I said, that night we went to a wedding. A friend of mine from high school was finally marrying her sweetheart. Congrats to Lisa and Nick!

...and a few of me and Jim

...the first dance...her dress was gorgeous!, Lisa and Elena posing for a pic

The newlyweds are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico and the pictures she's adding to Facebook look fabulous!

Saturday around 1-ish Jim and I went to pick up my brother to head to our cottage up north. My parents were already there so we were meeting them up there. We got up there around 6-ish and cracked open some beers. My parents made dinner, we made a bonfire and just hung out for the night.

Now, when we were little, we went up north as a family for every Memorial Day weekend. One thing I remember the most is the fly-in pancake breakfasts we used to go to on Sunday morning of that weekend. The pancake breakfast was held at this little airport up there and it was always cool to watch the planes fly in and out. Well we didn't hit up the pancake breakfast, but Jim, my brother and I went over there so I could take a few pictures of the planes.

We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging around the cabin, eating (lol), watched the Red Wings game and had another bonfire. Sunday night we had fun with shutter speed on my camera. I don't have a picture uploaded right now but let's just say that my brother had fun with a flashlight, a long shutter speed and dirty drawings lol.

And you know I took more pics. Check out my cool sun flare picture I posted on my photo blog.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My new netbook

So the only computer we have is a desktop and it's upstairs in our guest room. That means that if either of us are on the computer in the evening, we basically don't see each other for that time. So I came across these little netbooks and just had to have one! I wanted one for awhile, but I waited until I got my bowling winnings before I went out and bought it. Well it got here yesterday and I love it!! I got the Asus Eee PC 1000he.

We also got a wireless router and tried installing that last night, but no such luck. I was about to lose it and throw the damn thing through the wall last night! Well I got home quite early from work today so I decided to call Linksys to figure it out. Of course I got some dude I could barely understand, but he got it to work for me and now I'm blogging from my couch in my living room...yay!

Why was I home from work so early today? Well I had to help out another group from work and they wanted us there at 6am (normally I start at 9am) so I've been up since ridiculous!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gotta love a good deal

So this morning I decided to hit up Partridge Creek in my search for a dress for a wedding I'm going to on Friday. Normally I'm not searching for a plain black dress, but today that's what I was hoping to find. I grabbed a few...too tight, too expensive, too blah. Then my mom came across a cute dress on the sale rack for $60 so I tried it on. Well it fit perfectly, was plain black and I didn't feel like trying any other dresses on, so I decided to get it. I walk up to the register all proud of myself for buying a $60 dress as opposed to the $100 price tag I had in mind when I walked into Parisian. So she scans the tag and the dress rings up for $30! Score!

Well since I still had a bunch of time to kill before I needed to be back for my dentist appointment at 2:30, we decided to do a little more shopping. I decided I wanted to do turquoise accents with the plain black dress so I went out on a search for accessories. I went into Forever 21 (which I don't normally do since sometimes I feel so old in there lol) and came across the cutest ring...

I saw this one too and had to get it.

Oh and both of them didn't cost more than $10 total. Score again!

So I popped into GAP, picked up two shirts and a pair of shorts for me and a shirt for Jim, for less than $50...nice.

Oh yeah...and one more thing I bought was a pair of cropped black leggings and this dress (mine is in a purply red color) from Old Navy. I swore I'd never do the leggings thing, but everyone looks so cute in it, so I'm going to give it a try.

Too bad the place I spent the most money at today was the dentist...those bastards. And where they stuck the needle to numb me is what hurts the worst right now! Owwwwieeeeee!

OK, time to update

So...Friday I got a haircut. I decided to go with bangs again. I got bangs like 2 years ago and I really liked it, but I decided to keep my hair long this time. She said she was going to cut off about 3 inches (which was fine with me since my hair was pretty long) but I think she cut off more than that. Doesn't matter though because I like it. I really like the way she layered it. It's weird though, I'm still getting used to the bangs.

Saturday morning I went to Eastern Market with my mom and Jill. Jill and I had never been and I brought up the idea, so we just decided to go. It was cool...I didn't go crazy buying a bunch of stuff, but I did get some cool pictures.

After we got back from Eastern Market, I went to my parents house to help price stuff for their garage sale. I have a bunch of my own stuff in their sale so I mainly went there to price my own crap. I was there til about 3:30 and then went home. Then Jim and I went to a nursery to get some flowers for the pots for out patio. And I just realized I haven't taken a picture of them yet! I'll have to update that later.

It was Jim's turn to make dinner and he found a recipe for Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage which was so delish! Then we plopped our butts down on the couch for the rest of the night to catch up on some of our shows on the DVR.

Sunday we celebrated a belated Mother's Day dinner at my parents house. Prime rib was on the menu, can we say yum? We also watched the Red Wings beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the first game of the Western Conference Finals. Good stuff.
It was a good weekend.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It was a busy weekend

This past weekend was pretty busy. Saturday night I went to my friend Lisa's bachelorette party - the wedding is May 22nd. We had a good time. Started out at a house and played some ridiculous penis ring toss game...

...cute right? lol

Then we hopped on the giant limo bus and headed to the bar.

...of course the "sexy" pose lol

...I'm seriously getting too old for that crap though. I got home around 3am and then got up at 9:30 the next morning to go out to breakfast before we went to the Wings game. Playoff hockey baby!!

I wish these dudes would have sat down already. Don't they know they ruined my shot?!?!

...and this is what happens after two overtimes and waiting for the third to start

Unfortunately we lost, but it was about a 5 hour hockey game, so we got our money's