Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mighty Metallica

Metallica rocked the house at Joe Louis Arena last night and I was lucky enough to be there! Well me along with Jim, my brother and another friend of ours, Moose. Our other friends Rachel and Fred were also there, but they were in a different section. We did meet up in the concourse before Metallica came on though.

Me and Rachel

Oh yeah...these are all camera phone pics since none of us thought we could bring a camera in. So that explains the crappiness of them all.

The stage was set up in the center as opposed to one end, so the entire place was filled.

They started the show with an awesome laser display...

The crowd was rockin' and lovin' it. They played like 5 or 6 songs from their new album, Death Magnetic, but there was also a few of the older songs like Master of Puppets, One, and For Whom the Bell Tolls. I was just excited that they played our wedding song. That's right, our wedding song. Our first dance was to Nothing Else Matters and it was fantastic!


Rachel L said...

good times!

Rachel Agusti said...

That's awesome that they played your song!! looks like a great time!