Wednesday, February 04, 2009

So I got my camera yesterday

My camera is here! I had it delivered to Jim's work to be sure that it would get dropped off AND to make sure it didn't have to sit out in the weather. I didn't get home until about 7:15 so I didn't start playing around with it until 7:30-ish. Jim was nice enough to open everything up at his work and charge the battery for me - how sweet :o) Man oh man there's a lot to learn about this camera! I had crappy light to work with so seeing everything I can do in manual was pretty much non-existent. I took a few pictures on auto, but nothing exciting. I'm looking forward to this weekend to actually have some light to work with. It's supposed to be near 50 this weekend, but also rainy. Oh well...we shall see. I'm still waiting for my bag to come in - hopefully today!!


Rachel A said...

woohoo!! with low light you can use a tripod and slow shutter speeds and high iso. You'll have lots of fun this weekend!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Regardless of rain, I know you're going to have a blast!