Sunday, February 08, 2009

A few pics

So here's a few pics from yesterday - nothing to exciting.

Of course one of my cat (SOOC)

And there's the ice - at least the sky was blue
adjusted the levels and bumped up the blue color a little

And the pier
adjusted the levels

And here's a B&W conversion I did in Photoshop - what do you think?
applied a gradient and then played with the levels to achieve a nice contrast


jannypie said...

gorgeous. that B&W looks amazing

J-eunit said...

I love the pic of your cat...I have a kitty with very similar markings!

Andrea said...

Some really great Pics Lori!

Rachel A said...

You did great!! The B&W came out great too, I always use the gradient map / levels!! It works nicely!

julie said...

Awesome! love them, especially the kitty!

Rachel L said...

love the b&w pier, you've always been amazing with landscapes girl!