Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reminiscing - Wedding stuff

So three years ago today, I was 6 days away from becoming a Mrs and marrying my best friend. With our anniversary around the corner I decided to reminisce a little about our wedding.

We had a 19 month engagement. I wanted to be finished with school before we got married so 2005 was a big year for me. I graduated AND got married!

The wedding planning was relatively stress-free for me. I had my best friend since 3rd grade as my matron of honor, my sister was my maid of honor, and my other good friend was a bridesmaid.

Me and Mel - Matron of Honor

Me and my sis - Maid of Honor

Me and Elena - Bridesmaid

There was no drama with these girls plus it helped that I was pretty laid back too. We went dress shopping together and they all decided on the same dress. They could have all worn a different black dress if they wanted to, but they all chose the same one...nice and easy. I didn't care what shoes they wore or how their hair was going to be because let's face it...it was MY day not theirs and nobody would be looking at them...lol.

The only stress I did encounter along the way was with MY dress. When I bought it initially (on eBay for $250, thank you very much), it was too big for me.

A year later was the fitting. I kept telling my mom that I knew it wasn't going to fit, but she tried to reassure me that everything would be fine and what d'ya know...I was right. When I went to try it on, I couldn't even zip it up. We can thank Zoloft for that. That's right...I gained 20 pounds in one year on that stupid medication! My seamstress was amazing though! She was able to add panels to the side and then add lace up the sides to cover the panels. I didn't care what she had to do! As long as I could wear it! And honestly...in the pictures I couldn't even tell.

The flowers were picked out, the DIY centerpieces were complete, the table runners my mom made were done, the favors were filled, the veil my mom made was done...we were good to go...

...to be continued...


mrs.leah.maria said...

I love reminiscing and it's amazing how the time never feels appropriate. Too short and too long since that time all in one second! I love your dress!!! I can't imagine the drama of not knowing if it would fit! Yikes, but the result was gorgeous!