Friday, August 15, 2008

Went to an amazing wedding

Ok, so it was almost a week ago, but I still wanted to comment on it. I've always wanted to go to a wedding like this, but just never thought I knew anybody that would have a wedding like this.

So you pull up to the place and it just looks like your typical hall. The ceremony was at 4:00 in the little chapel area there, and I think there’s was like 10 or 12 people standing up on each side, plus 4 or 5 little kids. Her dress was very pretty, not really my style, but pretty nonetheless.

Okay, so the ceremony is over and they’re moving us all into the hors d’oeuvres room. You figure, okay, a little cheese and crackers and some pop. Nope. Shrimp, mussels, crab claws, two long tables of food with calamari, coconut chicken, peppers and onions, etc., a pasta station! And they never ran out of food…they just kept bringing more out. I think my sister and dad went up like 5 times to get food and between me, my mom and my sister, we probably had about 20 glasses of champagne. It was really incredible.

Here's my sis enjoying the shrimp...

...and just a few cute pics of us

So FINALLY at like 7:15-7:30 we get moved into the dining room. I think there was something like 40 tables, so you figure about 400 people at the wedding. There was a slide show, a monogram with their names, a coffee bar, a full blown DJ and band, plated dinner with a sorbet course to cleanse the palette of course lol, and a pastry room. Like pretty much everything you could think of a wedding should have, it did. The ultimate fairy-tale wedding. There was also 6 limos to take the bridal party where they needed to go.

Here's the cake and fabulous pastry room

Here's the head table...
And just a few shots of the room...
Oh, and by the way...after writing this entry, I've realized now that the new shutterfly format sucks for adding pics to blogs. I'll be looking elsewhere to upload my pics.