Saturday, August 23, 2008

At the bar

So my sister told me she was working at the bar last night and that we should come up and have a beer or two. Well of course I knew that Jim probably wouldn't be up for it, but I asked anyway...he gave me the dreaded, "We'll see", which we all know means no. So at like 9:45 I get a call from Mel who I haven't talked to in forever (but was thinking about calling earlier, how strange) and wants to know what we're doing. I tell her about the bar and we decide to meet up. Jim decided to go since it wasn't just going to be me and him. I don't know, it's strange, but it's soooooo boring for just me and Jim to go to the bar and it seems like we really don't have anyone that we can just call up and say, "hey let's go meet for a drink". Whatever...we ended up seeing a few other people up there so it was fun.

Oh, and of course I had my camera, because I always have my here's a few pics.