Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Someday I'll have it

So I have it figured out and our credit card will be paid off sometime in November and then we (well mostly I) can finally reward ourselves (myself) with a new fancy schmancy digital camera. The Canon Rebel XSi is probably what I'll get. I haven't done too much research, but it looks like it comes with a pretty common starter lens which will be fine while I try and figure out how to use the camera...lol. And maybe so close to Christmas I'll be able to find an awesome deal. Maybe even the day after Thanksgiving I'll be able to find some crazy sale.

I've sort of also been considering the Canon EOS-40D, but that one costs a little bit more. Who knows...we'll see when the time comes.


Vintage Gal said...

I want one too! I have like the first digi camera put out by Kodak. I need something other than .25 megapixel! lol -whatwedding

Jen M said...

I hope you do get your dream camera! I love mine.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog today.