Sunday, August 17, 2008

You know you want it

I hate it when I go through a magazine, jot down a bunch of things that I thought were cool or interesting and then the next day have no idea what I looked at or where the list went. Well I decided to start adding these things to my blog so I would know where to find them later on. So below are just a few things that peaked my interest in my last magazine reading session

Beach Blanket with Stakes
This I just might have to purchase for next summer

The Ultimate Guide to Grilling
Everything you need to know about grilling

Disc Sox
The perfect way to cut down on all the space your DVDs take up

File Tote
I just thought these file totes were too cute

Recycling Bags
These look like great bags if you have to sort your recycling. We're lucky enough to be able to put it all in one bin
These just look delicious

A steamer that will fit in any pot

I came across this blog starring Debi Mazur and her man and thought it was fun and interesting