Sunday, February 28, 2010

We officially closed!

Well, closing was on Friday and we now officially own two homes. Don't ya know? Everybody's doing it.

We also found out that the seller will probably be out by April 1st. Woohoo! That's the perfect amount of time for us to pack up our stuff and figure out how we want to go about renting the condo.

So, Friday after closing we stopped by Kuhnhenn's for a celebratory beer...or two.

Then yesterday, Melanie and I helped Jill (who also just bought a house) pick out paint colors for her house. She's got quite a lot of painting to do...pretty much the whole house. But I think the colors she picked will look great together.

Then we all went out to dinner at Bad Brad's BBQ. This place is SO GOOD!

And that's about it for the weekend. We're going to my parents house tonight for dinner and to watch the Canada vs. USA hockey game. Go USA!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want this purse

I want this purse. I love that it is both a cross-body AND a clutch.

I mean awesome is that?
It comes in quite a few colors and I've seen some pretty decent prices on various websites...hmmmmm....thinking about it.

Moving on...

On the house front...we're still set to close this Friday. What I found out today though, is that the seller will probably use all 60 days occupancy we gave her.

Part of the contract states that we give her 60 days occupancy in the house after closing with her paying us $XX/day. So I know we'll get our payments eventually but I was hoping she wouldn't use all 60 days. Oh well...I guess that gives us even MORE time to clean and pack and get ready to move out. At least the weather will be nicer 2 months from now.

Oh and check it out...I actually updated all three blogs in one day today! Can you believe it?

And yes...a shameless plug for my own blogs, my food blog and my photo blog.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We found a house!

So the first day we went out and looked at houses was January 16th. I think we looked at like 7 houses that day. Sunday we went out and looked at like 12 more and then on Monday my parents came and looked at 3 that we liked from the previous days and then my mom and I looked at like 8 more that day. Well we decided to make an offer on the 4th house that we looked at.

So, referring to the checklist I posted of things we wanted in the house, let's see how it worked out.

Minimum 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths? - CHECK. This house has 3 bedrooms and 1-3/4 baths. What's a 3/4 bath you ask? It has a toilet, sink and a stand-up shower as opposed to a full tub.

Minimum 1500 sq. ft.? - CHECK. This house is 1732 sq. ft.

0.3+ acre lot? - No check. The lot is 0.25 acres, but we love the location and it's not in a new sub so we actually have trees :o)

All brick construction? - CHECK. Brick and some stone...looks pretty cool.

Basement? - CHECK. And bonus, it's unfinished so we can do whatever we want to it.

2-car garage attached garage? - CHECK.

I really wanted a master suite but didn't have it as a must have. This house doesn't have one but there are two closets in the master bedroom so that works for me. Sorry'll need to put your clothes elsewhere, lol.

So after A LOT of going back and forth about this and that, we're set to close on Friday, February 26th. I'm so excited! We don't get immediate occupancy though. The seller gets 60 days occupancy to find another place of her own. That's fine by us though because it just gives us a little more time to pack and clean up the condo to get it ready to rent (hopefully!).

So I don't have any good pics really, but here's a few:

Here's the kitchen and eating area...

The kitchen definitely needs some updating but it's livable for now so that will have to wait. I really like the window over the sink.

Here's the more laid back family room. (There's a more formal living area at the front of the house)...

The stone around the fireplace is what the stone on the front of the house looks like. I like the stone...a little different that the typical brick surround. And ya gotta love that paneling and textured ceiling, but it will change...all in due time.

And here's the best one. Check out the tile in the bathroom!

Oh and the floor tile matches...awesome! This is the first task once we move in. Remodel hideous bathroom!

So for the past month or so, all this house stuff has totally taken over our lives. But I'm SO HAPPY to move on and can't wait to start making that house our home.