Sunday, February 28, 2010

We officially closed!

Well, closing was on Friday and we now officially own two homes. Don't ya know? Everybody's doing it.

We also found out that the seller will probably be out by April 1st. Woohoo! That's the perfect amount of time for us to pack up our stuff and figure out how we want to go about renting the condo.

So, Friday after closing we stopped by Kuhnhenn's for a celebratory beer...or two.

Then yesterday, Melanie and I helped Jill (who also just bought a house) pick out paint colors for her house. She's got quite a lot of painting to do...pretty much the whole house. But I think the colors she picked will look great together.

Then we all went out to dinner at Bad Brad's BBQ. This place is SO GOOD!

And that's about it for the weekend. We're going to my parents house tonight for dinner and to watch the Canada vs. USA hockey game. Go USA!!


Jill T said...

YEH!! Congrats..again!! Thanks again for all the help!