Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want this purse

I want this purse. I love that it is both a cross-body AND a clutch.

I mean seriously...how awesome is that?
It comes in quite a few colors and I've seen some pretty decent prices on various websites...hmmmmm....thinking about it.

Moving on...

On the house front...we're still set to close this Friday. What I found out today though, is that the seller will probably use all 60 days occupancy we gave her.

Part of the contract states that we give her 60 days occupancy in the house after closing with her paying us $XX/day. So I know we'll get our payments eventually but I was hoping she wouldn't use all 60 days. Oh well...I guess that gives us even MORE time to clean and pack and get ready to move out. At least the weather will be nicer 2 months from now.

Oh and check it out...I actually updated all three blogs in one day today! Can you believe it?

And yes...a shameless plug for my own blogs, my food blog and my photo blog.


D. Ramblings said...

omg I am LOVING that purse! So freakin cute and I love the convertible aspect!