Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A wedding & A weekend

So I decided to take last Friday off of work. I had a wedding to go to later in the day, so it seemed like a good enough reason to take the entire day off :o) I'm glad I did because I found out that my good friend Michelle was going to be in town for a wedding she was in so I was able to have lunch with her. She lives in Delaware...I wish she could move back to Michigan!

So like I said, that night we went to a wedding. A friend of mine from high school was finally marrying her sweetheart. Congrats to Lisa and Nick!

...and a few of me and Jim

...the first dance...her dress was gorgeous!, Lisa and Elena posing for a pic

The newlyweds are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico and the pictures she's adding to Facebook look fabulous!

Saturday around 1-ish Jim and I went to pick up my brother to head to our cottage up north. My parents were already there so we were meeting them up there. We got up there around 6-ish and cracked open some beers. My parents made dinner, we made a bonfire and just hung out for the night.

Now, when we were little, we went up north as a family for every Memorial Day weekend. One thing I remember the most is the fly-in pancake breakfasts we used to go to on Sunday morning of that weekend. The pancake breakfast was held at this little airport up there and it was always cool to watch the planes fly in and out. Well we didn't hit up the pancake breakfast, but Jim, my brother and I went over there so I could take a few pictures of the planes.

We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging around the cabin, eating (lol), watched the Red Wings game and had another bonfire. Sunday night we had fun with shutter speed on my camera. I don't have a picture uploaded right now but let's just say that my brother had fun with a flashlight, a long shutter speed and dirty drawings lol.

And you know I took more pics. Check out my cool sun flare picture I posted on my photo blog.


Rachel L said...

love these pics! esp the bird and rain droplets!! pretty : )

Taryn said...

you are getting so good! I love the humming bird.