Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My new netbook

So the only computer we have is a desktop and it's upstairs in our guest room. That means that if either of us are on the computer in the evening, we basically don't see each other for that time. So I came across these little netbooks and just had to have one! I wanted one for awhile, but I waited until I got my bowling winnings before I went out and bought it. Well it got here yesterday and I love it!! I got the Asus Eee PC 1000he.

We also got a wireless router and tried installing that last night, but no such luck. I was about to lose it and throw the damn thing through the wall last night! Well I got home quite early from work today so I decided to call Linksys to figure it out. Of course I got some dude I could barely understand, but he got it to work for me and now I'm blogging from my couch in my living room...yay!

Why was I home from work so early today? Well I had to help out another group from work and they wanted us there at 6am (normally I start at 9am) so I've been up since ridiculous!!


Rachel L said...

congrats on the new toy !!!

Meredith said...

Woo! That's so exciting!

Taryn said...

Exciting! I am blogging from my bed this morning! = )