Monday, May 18, 2009

Gotta love a good deal

So this morning I decided to hit up Partridge Creek in my search for a dress for a wedding I'm going to on Friday. Normally I'm not searching for a plain black dress, but today that's what I was hoping to find. I grabbed a few...too tight, too expensive, too blah. Then my mom came across a cute dress on the sale rack for $60 so I tried it on. Well it fit perfectly, was plain black and I didn't feel like trying any other dresses on, so I decided to get it. I walk up to the register all proud of myself for buying a $60 dress as opposed to the $100 price tag I had in mind when I walked into Parisian. So she scans the tag and the dress rings up for $30! Score!

Well since I still had a bunch of time to kill before I needed to be back for my dentist appointment at 2:30, we decided to do a little more shopping. I decided I wanted to do turquoise accents with the plain black dress so I went out on a search for accessories. I went into Forever 21 (which I don't normally do since sometimes I feel so old in there lol) and came across the cutest ring...

I saw this one too and had to get it.

Oh and both of them didn't cost more than $10 total. Score again!

So I popped into GAP, picked up two shirts and a pair of shorts for me and a shirt for Jim, for less than $50...nice.

Oh yeah...and one more thing I bought was a pair of cropped black leggings and this dress (mine is in a purply red color) from Old Navy. I swore I'd never do the leggings thing, but everyone looks so cute in it, so I'm going to give it a try.

Too bad the place I spent the most money at today was the dentist...those bastards. And where they stuck the needle to numb me is what hurts the worst right now! Owwwwieeeeee!


Danielle said...

Awesome shopping day! LOVE the rings!