Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kayaking across the Pacific Ocean

Uh, what now? Well in an attempt to get directions from my work to the dentist the other day, I ended up with some very interesting directions. I used Google Maps and accidentally hit enter before I finished entering in the entire it had me starting somewhere in Australia. I ended up with 124 steps of directions, a distance of 25,260 km (15,696 miles) and it would have taken 55 days and 21 hours. Oh and did I mention I would have had to kayak across the Pacific Ocean...three times? First from Australia to Japan, then from Japan to Hawaii and then Hawaii to Washington State.

Here's a little snippet of what came up:

24. Continue on Kahlin Ave 0.3 km
25. Turn right at Myilly Tce 0.4 km
26. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean Entering Japan 5,404 km
27. Continue straight 0.9 km
28. Turn right toward 国道384号線 0.4 km
29. Slight right at 国道384号線 4.2 km
30. Slight right at 県道164号線 8.0 km
31. Slight right at 県道31号線 0.7 km
32. Turn right at 県道27号線

Good stuff right?

I remember one time for shiggles we put in going from Detroit to Paris and it had you swimming across the Atlantic Ocean. So at least they've bumped it up to something safer like a kayak. A shark can't bite right through that or


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it's a good thing you read them before you just printed them out and got in your car, like i usually do!

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Haha- awesome!