Sunday, November 02, 2008

Got some awesome deals today!

I was checking in over on like I do pretty much everyday and came across a post with some awesome promo codes to use at Victoria' I was able to get 2 bras and a pair of panties for $16 which included shipping! How awesome is that?

Then later on I went shopping with my mom and hit up DSW. She had a coupon for $20 of a $50 purchase and wasn't going to use it, so of course I wanted it! My $50 purchase were these Skechers

And then they had 80% off all of their sandals. I got these red ones for $8.99 regular $40,

and these awesome yellow ones for $11.99, regular $60! awesome of a deal is that? Of course I have to wait until next summer to wear them, but oh well.

Then when I got home Jim and I went grocery shopping. Our total was $180, but after bottle returns and coupons the total dropped down to $115. Yeah...we had A LOT of cans/bottles to take back. We hadn't taken any back all summer.
Anyway, I was just super excited about my deals today and I had to share.
I'm headed to some training for work this week, and while I have my work laptop, I'm not totally sure that the Internet works on it. It works at work, but I don't think the wireless connection is working nor is a connection with an Ethernet cord. (Okay and how many times did I just use the word work??) So I may not be posting until I get back...not like I post anything all that exciting


Vintage Gal said...

oh my god, I loooove the sandals!!! I'm so jealous you found such a bargain in your size. Size 7 is always sold out in my parts!

Anyway, you've been tagged in my blog, if you are interested to find out the details.

Jen M said...

Soo cute! I wish I could wear shoes like that.