Monday, August 16, 2010

Office makeover

So finally some more house update photos.

I pretty much have the office how I want it to be so I figured it was finally time to snap some pics. I think it could use a new office chair (something fun), something to hang over the desk, and maybe once the garage sale find chair I found is refinished, that can go in there too. But for now it's pretty much done.

The office was originally covered in painted paneling. We knew we wanted to take it down and once we did, we discovered that a) the walls were completely destroyed from removing it and b) there was a giant gap in the drywall where the walls met the ceiling - which I was told is not quite up to fire code. Awesome.

Jim and I thought we'd be able to salvage the walls, but my dad took one look at it and said no way, new drywall for sure. He offered to help put it up and do the mudding so of course we said heck yes!

Here's the lovely wallpaper we found beneath the paneling...

And a during shot...

And the finished product...

The color is Behr's Deep Smoke Signal.

The desk was originally a cherry wood color so I painted it white along with the old dresser we had. I also decided to use curtains instead of closet doors. I knew I wanted a black and white damask curtain, but these have a fun chandelier print on them and I couldn't pass them up. Especially since I was hanging a chandelier in there.

I found this mirror at Home Goods (it was pink) and painted it white. I also attempted a little DIY with the bird art and put it in the Ikea frames.

These white curtains are also from Ikea.

I'm sure there's things I'll be adding here and there, but for now, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


Brad Pitt said...

Looks very nice

Office Rental Solutions said...

You have truly made a beauty out of this space! A brilliant transformation!

Anonymous said...

Hey, came across your picture of the Deep Smoke Signal. I bought a sample paint from Home Depot and wondering if you like yours?