Sunday, June 20, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

I've probably only been to a few garage sales in my life, but I had the urge to check some out with my mom the other day. I'm glad I did! I found some awesome stuff!

This little glass vase totally reminded me of chemistry class. What can I say...being a chemist I guess I'm kind of dorky like that. And $0.25? Yes please.

I was on the lookout for cool frames or mirrors and I came across these two. I'll be painting the frames just not sure what color yet. $2 for the pair.

Ok, so I knew those potato/onion storage bins existed but every time I looked for one to buy they were like $50! Um, no thank you. Well I was totally psyched when I saw this one at a garage sale. It needed some cleaning up, but Jim promptly took care of that when we brought it home. It now has a nice home in our basement.

And the best find of the day was this chair. After browsing various blogs and seeing all the cool things people do to old chairs, I was on the lookout for one. How awesome will this look painted (probably white) with some fun new fabric on it?! I'm so excited!

The first day I saw the chair they were asking $25 for it. I decided to leave it and come back the next day to see if it was still there. It was, and I got the chair and the above potato bin for $20! Now that's a sweet deal!


Rachel L said...

awesome deals!!! and I like the new blog header btw : )

Andrea said...

Great deals ! The chair was a great find!