Friday, July 09, 2010

Been super busy lately

So the day after my wonderful surprise party, I headed off to Kansas City, MO for work. Not only was I flying (not my favorite thing in the world) but there were tornado warnings out all over the place...awesome. Our flight was supposed to take off at 7:55 p.m. but at that time, we were still sitting in the airport. We had a plane but no crew. The weather that day really screwed everything up. So we're finally sitting on the plane and the pilot comes on to say there's a hydraulic leak and it will take at least 30 minutes to fix it...awesome. Needless to say, we ended up getting to KC about an hour and a half late. Oh well. It was Sunday night so we didn't have anything planned that night anyway.

I was in KC Mon-Thurs. Monday I was fine. Went to some meetings, ate lunch, went out to dinner that night, all good. Tuesday rolls around and in the morning I bought a bagel but wasn't super hungry...I sort of forced it down. So now its lunchtime and I have absolutely no appetite. I think I took two bites out of my sandwich and couldn't eat the rest. I continue my day, go to some more meetings, try to force some food down at around 4:00 since I knew dinner would be late. So I'm back in my room, brushing my teeth and I throw up. Score. I decided I felt OK though and headed on down to dinner. We get to the restaurant (which thankfully was in the hotel) and it just hit me. I don't feel good AT ALL! I decide to skip out on dinner, buy some water and pretzels at the drugstore and retire to my room for the night. I think I was able to eat like 3 pretzels.

Wednesday morning rolls around (my actual birthday) and I feel like complete crap! I had some meetings in the morning, but was always going back to my room in between meetings to rest a little. At lunch I ordered a bowl of minestrone soup and could barely get the broth down. I went to a 4:00 meeting and after an hour, finally went back to my room. I took a two hour nap, nice! It sucks though because I was all excited to go out and get some tasty BBQ and celebrate my birthday with some nice folks we had met. Nope. Went out to dinner at like 9:00 and while I did actually order some fish & chips, I only ate half of it. That was a start though.

Thursday we left. I was feeling better but not 100%. Oh and on the plane I had a window seat with no window. Seriously? That sucked! I may not be a huge fan of flying but I at least like to look out the window. So all in all, for work it was a pretty good trip. Too bad I felt like crap most of the time.

The Friday after we got back, Jim, my brother and I headed up to our cottage for the 4th of July weekend. I was pretty blah all weekend. Too much go-go-going, being sick and not enough sleep caught up with me I guess. We went to the fireworks in town and it was pretty sweet! There really isn't a huge body of water in town so they essentially set the fireworks off over a pond, which is pretty much the entire town. Yeah, flaming pieces of fireworks were falling around us lol.

This week at work has been super busy, but that's good. I also put together my application to go back to school (Master's in Engineering Management) so now I'm just waiting to hear if I've been accepted. I NEVER thought I'd go back to school but I figure if I'm not going to have kids any time soon I might as well accomplish something within the next few years lol.

So tonight we have to do some hardcore packing and cleaning since we're leaving tomorrow to go up to our cottage for a week. I'm so ready for this vacation!