Sunday, May 30, 2010

Painted Family Room

So this was a project that wasn't really on the immediate list of things to do. I figured I could live with the colors in there because I didn't think they were all that bad. But...once it came time for me to buy some curtains for our sliding glass door, I just couldn't work with the colors in there. So we decided to paint. O.M.G. This room took FOREVER to paint! Getting in all those little cracks and crevices in the paneling took quite some time. Jim had to use a 3/4" nap roller just to get in all the grooves.

It worked out well and we're quite pleased with the results. Although, this room will never be painted again lol. I'm not in love with the textured ceiling (or the paneling for that matter) so when it comes time to redo this room, it will be a total gut-out. There's no drywall behind the two layers of paneling. That's right, two layers of paneling. There's your typical thin layer of paneling and on top of that is 3/8" paneling. Fun stuff.

Moving on.

We ended up using Wheat Bread by Behr in eggshell.

You can see what the colors were in there in my previous post. I mean, they weren't horrible but it was kind of dark in there and needed to be lightened up a bit.

Here's what it looks like now...

It's kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but this is the color of the curtains...

So now I just need to figure out what to put over the chairs on the wall.


Rachel A said...

I love it, it looks so nice!! I would bring in some color over the chairs maybe print out a couple of your flower prints in large canvas or some type of standout medium?