Saturday, April 17, 2010

House updates - Master Bedroom

Well we moved in on March 27th. Since then it's been tearing down paneling, painting, yard work, unpacking and organizing...and the house is still a mess! I finally got all my shoes organized today (all 75 pairs or so) lol. But it's time for some pics.

Ok now don't get too excited, just one before and a couple of after pictures of the master bedroom. I know, I know...I should have many more pictures of the house on here, but I just haven't been taking any. We're going to start working on the office soon (which needed all new drywall) so hopefully I'll have some before and afters of that in the next week or two. I'm also updating some furniture we had by painting it white so I'll have before and after pics of those too.

So on to the bedroom. As you can see, before we had quite a dark turquoise room and some lovely mirrored closets. Those suckers are heavy by the way! We took off the dark trim, patched some nail pops in the ceiling and used Kilz on the walls and ceiling.

Ok now I HATE painting that line where the wall meets the ceiling so we cheat and put a one inch decorative molding, four inches from the ceiling. It just makes it so much easier to paint. We installed all new white trim and white closet doors. We also replaced all the plugs/switches and covers and bought new heat/air registers. The interior door still looks the same, but that's going to stay for now.

We painted the room Behr's Silver Drop in eggshell. For the ceiling we just bought a 5 gallon bucket of Behr's flat ceiling paint.

We're using the same headboard (which we made), dresser and nightstands (both the Hemnes line from Ikea) that we had in the condo. Eventually we'd like to buy new stuff and move this stuff to the guest room (which is all paneling right now). The blinds were there which are nice, but I'm debating about adding some curtains too...curtains or not??

The carpet was already there and is in pretty good condition so that's staying too. The duvet cover is also from Ikea but I want something new. I just can't decide what I want. I REALLY like this bedding from West Elm in the amethyst color. We're both fans of purple and I think it would look really nice with the gray. I just can't pull the trigger on the bedding for some reason.

Isn't it pretty...

We also want to update the overhead light (which you can't see in these pics).

I'm kind of digging these lights...

And this one.

Well that's about it for this room. Next up is a couch. We really need a new couch!


Rachel L said...

love love love it!!!!!! I would say the curtains could go either way- I like the "clean" line of not having them but sometimes they can really pop in a room. LOVE the bed-spread!!! and love both lights!!!!