Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Everything's better with bacon

A friend of mine sent me this link today:

And I know Jill will love this! See, whenever Jill travels, she usually ends up having dinner at The Machine Shed. (I have had the pleasure of visiting this fine establishment once). The front of the restaurant is sort of like Cracker Barrel where they have a bunch of stuff you can browse through and purchase if you'd like. Well...Jill always ends up coming back with some sort of bacon product. Last time it was bacon band-aids and before that it was bacon chapstick. Oh and Jim has received some bacon toothpicks too.

Well... I am now the proud owner of Bacon Gumballs...

...they look tasty don't they? Yeah...not so much. They taste like a combination of the worst fake bacon flavor and dental tools.

I must say though, I did buy Jill some bacon mints. I couldn't resist!


Jill T said...

LOVE IT!!! I dont even eat that much bacon!! Not sure what is left to buy though!