Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Grown ups sleep here

So we finally got the matching dresser to our nightstands and now it finally looks like a grown-up bedroom. The fan doesn't really match, but we can always buy new fan blades...not really a top priority right now. The corner over by the dresser looks like it could use a nice reading chair or something, but I'm not sure. Our room is such a strange shape. It's a pretty big room but it's so long and narrow. I'm standing in front of the only window in the room to take this picture. Oh there's two with the light off and one with the light on (obviously). The paint color looks more like the color in the picture without the light on.

And I could probably get rid of that lamp on the dresser, but that's just where Jim decided to put it...worked for me at the


~Jess said...

Here from the Nest:
I would say a nice piece of artwork would look good there. Being that the dresser and night stand are there, anything that comes out from the wall will take up needed space.