Thursday, June 19, 2008

So it's been awhile...

...since I've posted anything. Good thing I've been keeping up on the food blog though...well sorta.

So anyway, last weekend was kind of busy. We attended the Ortleib/Martin wedding on Friday and it was quite the fun affair. It was at the Detroit Yacht Club, which I've never been to, and everything was so elegant.

Below is the head table setup and the swing band they had. The head table was in the center of the room, which was really nice, and the band was awesome! and Jim

...and of course, the happy couple

We stayed the night at the Omni Riverfront hotel in Detroit, and it was pretty nice. The bed was awesome! The pillows were huge and fluffy and the comforter was, well, comfy. Jim didn't like the fact that the comforter weighed like 50 lbs, but I did.

Saturday we left the hotel around noon and went to Hockeytown Cafe for lunch. Then we walked down to Hart plaza and along the riverfront a little. I didn't exactly have my walking shoes on...can we say ouch? Then after wasting some time it was finally time to go back to Comerica Park for the Tigers game.

The usher at Comerica Park was nice enough to take a few pictures of us, telling us where to stand to make sure he had the perfect shot, but of course Jim's eyes were closed. Oh well.

Then Sunday was Father's Day so we headed to my parents house for some grub and to hang out. All in all, it was a pretty eventful weekend.