Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ah, a fresh coat of paint

Our main bathroom has been stark white since we moved in about 4.5 years ago. Friday afternoon I sprung it on the hubster that I wanted to paint that bathroom since the weekend was supposed to be kind of rainy. Of course I had no idea what color I wanted, we had supplies to buy, dinner to eat, sanding, spackling and taping to do...needless to say we didn't finish the prep work until around 11:00 p.m. I mean that's not horrible, the bathroom isn't that big.

So Saturday while he was at work in the morning, I did some more sanding and put up a coat of Kilz primer. He got home and we watched the Red Wings lose, and then it was onto the first coat of paint.

We finished the second coat today and then Jim put the new light up, and all the fixtures back on the walls. I want to get new outlet covers though.

The color is called Crystalline, by Valspar:

Here's the bathroom before:

And with the new paint:

Here's the new light:

It still needs some work, like maybe new towels, new outlet covers, and definitely something to go over the toilet. But I'm happy with the new color.